Beijing Junlin Technology Co., Ltd. is an Artificial Intelligence enterprise which providing Intelligent Acoustic Products and Solutions to different users in Industrial and Civil fields based on the integration of our Acoustic Technologies and AI Technologies. The company focuses on the research, development and technical innovation of intelligent acoustic hardware and software, and providing customized “Edge + Cloud" integrated acoustic intelligent solutions to users.

Based on self-developed Acoustic Technologies and Voiceprint Recognition Technologies, and Junlin Voiceprint Big Data, Junlin had developed Smart Acoustic Products, Voiceprint Recognition Applications, and Industrial Sound Monitoring and Analyzing Systems.


Based on more than 10 years’ technology accumulation and practical experiences on acoustic field, Junlin is capable to develop the high-performance acoustic sensors, acoustic front-end algorithm, and voiceprint recognition algorithm independently, which is also the fundamental of Junlin’s powerful competitiveness.


Core technologies enable professional solutions in multiple fields

Junlin's self-developed acoustic devices and the application of high-accuracy voiceprint model are changing the relationship between human and consumer electronics. To free our hands, eyes and legs with voice permissions, could realize personalized interactions between customers and intelligent devices conveniently.

Based on the requirements of operation, maintenance, testing and failure prediction of industrial users in different fields (such as power plants, ports, ships, automated production lines, elevator machinery), Junlin had developed the Industrial Sound Monitoring and Analyzing Systems with customized solutions.

Based on Junlin's sound collection hardware, acoustic AI analysis technologies and voiceprint database, we had developed the voiceprint collection system, sound analysis system and voiceprint monitor system to the public security system, to support on the intelligent law enforcement, and secure social security.

Junlin's customized voiceprint recognition system helps financial institutions to establish voiceprint database, improve the safety of risk prevention system, strengthen the competence of risk management, and increase the security and anti-fraud level.


MI Technology

The only voiceprint technologies provider of MI (Xiaomi), already provided the voiceprint recognition technologies to MI TV and MI Sound Box.


Provide industrial sound monitoring and analyzing systems.

Lloyd's Register

Built strategic cooperation in industrial equipment sound monitor and failure analysis field.

Telecom Yitong

Provide voiceprint recognition service for police platform APP and intelligent law enforcement system.

Huaneng Group

Built strategic cooperation in power industry about equipment sound monitor and analysis.


Built strategic cooperation in energy detection field.

Public Security Bureau

Provide voiceprint collection system, sound analysis system and voice monitor system.